Snapshots of Sandy Island

A slice of paradise set 2 miles from Sandy Ground, days at Sandy Island are postcard-perfect.

approaching sandy island from the sea

Either hire a private charter or catch Sandy Island’s sea shuttle, the aptly named boat “Joy” from the wharf in Sandy Ground ($10 round trip and call 264 476 6534 to reserve).

in the sandy island boat called joy approaching sandy island

As you approach the sun-soaked isle, it’s hard not to get butterflies in your stomach. The scenery is that spectacular…

Once docked, what’s for lunch?

Charcoal-grilled mahi mahi…

mahi mahi at sandy island

Or ribs…

ribs at sandy island

… served with pasta salad, coleslaw and rice & peas!

(Sandy Island’s menu also features a wide variety of appetizers and mains including, crayfish, lobster, fresh fish and chicken.)

With just the sea surrounding you, the rest of the afternoon calls for a long soak in Sandy Island’s shimmering-clear waters.

the seas surrounding sandy island

Soon, you will also be able to enjoy spa treatments of massages, scrubs and wraps at Sandy Island’s “Mini Spa.” Updates to come!

Anguilla’s Jammin’ Aquaponic Garden Taking Shape

With the fish swimming happily and providing nutrients, the Aquaponic Garden is nicely taking shape. This week the Deep Water Culture bed finally became a reality.
The traditional pieces to make this type of bed were not readily available on the island, so creative thinking once again came into play. Swim noodles were used to float plywood in the water and holes were drilled to hold plastic cups. The cups will hold plants like lettuce, herbs and strawberries allowing the roots to hang down into the nutrient rich water.

anguillas jammin touring their gardens
This week students from Ms. Murdoch’s Grade 1 class from the Omololu International School were able to see first hand how an Aquaponic Garden works.

The planted seeds that will eventually go into the deep Water Culture bed and planted small tomato seedlings in the Hanging Pot grow beds. They also enjoyed the daily routine of feeding the fish. The Anguilla’s Jammin’ Team will keep the entire class up to date on the progress of their plantings via our Facebook page

If you would like to learn more about the Aquaponic Garden or Anguilla’s Jammin’ products, call 1.264.581.2040 or visit our web site:

Anguilla’s Jammin’s 5 Flavor Gift Packs

As the new season begins, Anguilla’s Jammin’ is proud to present our new see-through packaging for our 5 Flavor Gift Packs. The new packaging allows clients to see exactly what they are getting and displays our logo.

anguillas jammin packaging
These packs are great for all gifting needs and easy to pack as each bottle is only 1 ounce.

Have you made your order yet? We are happy to deliver all of our products. Just call: 1.264.581.2040 or email:

The Fish Have Arrived at Anguilla’s Jammin’

Last week Anguilla’s Jammin’ celebrated the arrival of the fish at the Aquaponic Garden. 200 Mozambique Talapia were delivered and are currently providing nutrients to the plants in the grow beds.

tilapia fish for aquaponics in anguilla
Within just 2 days the plants improved in strength and color.

Jam production is in full swing in anticipation of the coming season. Our products make great gifts for anyone on your list. We also provide custom tags for your group function or special event.

anguillas jammin plants


If you are on island now and would like to purchase jams, we are happy to deliver to your villa or hotel. To learn more about Anguilla’s Jammin’, give us a call at 264-581-2040 and check out our web site:

A Hot Jamn’ Sunday Afternoon Snack

Anguilla’s Jammin’s colorful jars of island-made, tropical jams have been selling like hot cakes here on the island.

One taste, and you really are hooked.

Our personal favorite flavor has been the Hot Jamn’, best enjoyed the way Molly (co-founder and co-owner) showed us!

What do you need?

  • 1 bag of tortilla chips
  • 1 block of cream cheese
    1 8 oz. jar of Anguilla’s Jammin’ Hot Jamn’

hot jamn snack ingredients

Step 1: Select your desired amount of cream cheese

Step 2: Amply cover with Hot Jamn’

Step 3: Dip a tortilla chip and enjoy :-)

A simple recipe that’s equal parts savory, salty and spicy. With a glass of wine, it’s the perfect late afternoon Sunday Snack.

hot jamn snack

Anguilla’s Jammin’ products can currently be purchased at SeaSpray Boutique, on a Nature Explorers Anguilla tour or direct from Anguilla’s Jammin’. For more information, visit…