Snapshots of Sandy Island

A slice of paradise set 2 miles from Sandy Ground, days at Sandy Island are postcard-perfect.

approaching sandy island from the sea

Either hire a private charter or catch Sandy Island’s sea shuttle, the aptly named boat “Joy” from the wharf in Sandy Ground ($10 round trip and call 264 476 6534 to reserve).

in the sandy island boat called joy approaching sandy island

As you approach the sun-soaked isle, it’s hard not to get butterflies in your stomach. The scenery is that spectacular…

Once docked, what’s for lunch?

Charcoal-grilled mahi mahi…

mahi mahi at sandy island

Or ribs…

ribs at sandy island

… served with pasta salad, coleslaw and rice & peas!

(Sandy Island’s menu also features a wide variety of appetizers and mains including, crayfish, lobster, fresh fish and chicken.)

With just the sea surrounding you, the rest of the afternoon calls for a long soak in Sandy Island’s shimmering-clear waters.

the seas surrounding sandy island

Soon, you will also be able to enjoy spa treatments of massages, scrubs and wraps at Sandy Island’s “Mini Spa.” Updates to come!