da’Vida Re-Opens For Tapas & Dinner

Our main restaurant has reopened its doors, bringing back the same mouth-watering Asian-Caribbean dishes and an unforgettable dining experience.

da'vida tapas and dinner dining room

Join us Tuesdays through Sundays for the Tapas Lounge from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and dinner from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. For reservations, call 498-5433.

Nature Explorers Anguilla’s “Afternoon Sampler”

Is bird watching something you have always wanted to try, but you are just not sure? Then the “Afternoon Sampler” Tour is just the right choice for you.

We start with pick up at your hotel or villa between 2:45 and 3:30 pm (depending on the time of year), and visit 1 wetland for approximately 2 hours. Guests learn how to use binoculars and the basics of bird watching while enjoying Anguilla’s amazing bird life.

sightings on a nature explorers anguilla tour
As always the use of binoculars, spotting scope and bird guides is included in the tour along with bottled water throughout.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Nature Explorers Anguilla and let us get you hooked on an activity that is great fun for all ages.

Book your tour today by emailing: jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com or call 1.264.584.0346

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving at Geraud’s

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and one of our favorite French restaurants, Geraud’s has released their festive menu!

Three courses for $24, including bread and a glass of wine, it’s an excellent deal.

thanksgiving lunch at gerauds

To reserve your Thanksgiving meal at Geraud’s, call: 264-497-5559

And, to raise funds for Anguilla’s medical students’ white coat ceremony, Geraud’s is also holding a Thanksgiving fundraiser.

gerauds thanksgiving fundraiser

To guarantee your order, reserve by Nov. 24.

Anguilla’s Jammin’ Aquaponic Garden Taking Shape

With the fish swimming happily and providing nutrients, the Aquaponic Garden is nicely taking shape. This week the Deep Water Culture bed finally became a reality.
The traditional pieces to make this type of bed were not readily available on the island, so creative thinking once again came into play. Swim noodles were used to float plywood in the water and holes were drilled to hold plastic cups. The cups will hold plants like lettuce, herbs and strawberries allowing the roots to hang down into the nutrient rich water.

anguillas jammin touring their gardens
This week students from Ms. Murdoch’s Grade 1 class from the Omololu International School were able to see first hand how an Aquaponic Garden works.

The planted seeds that will eventually go into the deep Water Culture bed and planted small tomato seedlings in the Hanging Pot grow beds. They also enjoyed the daily routine of feeding the fish. The Anguilla’s Jammin’ Team will keep the entire class up to date on the progress of their plantings via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AnguillasJammin

If you would like to learn more about the Aquaponic Garden or Anguilla’s Jammin’ products, call 1.264.581.2040 or visit our web site: http://anguillasjammin.com/

Crispy Duck Pancakes & Friday Fun at Cha Cha San

Chef Ken, you have really outdone yourself this time!

NEW to the Cha Cha San menu is crispy duck pancakes.

Fried duck is served with slices of fresh cucumber, scallion and warm pancake wraps.

crispy duck pancake at cha cha san

Rolled together with Hoisin sauce, it’s an exceptional dish!

One of our family’s very favorites when dining in London and New York City, we were overjoyed to see these savory duck pancakes on the menu during a recent visit to Cha Cha San. The flavors are simply sublime.

Thank you, Chef Ken!

And now, each and every Friday night, starting this coming Friday, Cha Cha San will be hosting DJ Michael from 8:30-11pm.

See you this Friday at Cha Cha San :-)