Tokyo Bay’s Chef Joe & Omakase Menu

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa’s Executive Chef Jasper Schneider has been pushing culinary standards since he joined the resort’s team, and Tokyo Bay is no exception!

Today, with Tokyo Bay’s Chef Joe, the restaurant has reached new heights of innovative creations.

For an interesting selection of the freshest ingredients, prepared with creative flair, choosing to dine Omakase-style, where Chef Joe personally selects each dish, is a true foodie experience!

On a recent visit to Tokyo Bay, what was on that evening’s Omakase “menu”?…

Salmon Sashimi with Gold-Flake Roe

salmon roe sashimi at tokyo bay

Koal Keel Grilled Tuna, Topped with Koal Keel Fried Chinese Noodles

koal keel tuna made by chef joe

Lobster Gyoza

lobster gyoza appetizer

Crispy Shrimp Korean Taco, Topped with Hydroponic Greens

crispy shrimp tacos

Seafood Risotto

seafood risotto tokyo bay

Miso Creme Brulee

miso creme brulee dessert

Each and every dish was exceptional, the koal keel tuna and seafood risotto being favorites at the table, the tuna rich in a smokey flavor, the risotto’s flavors with a warm and comforting effect.

Tokyo Bay wows on each and every visit, and this time, Chef Joe truly out did himself!

To make a reservation, call: 264-498-2000

Chef Ken’s NEW “Little Thai” Menu

Chef Ken, owner and chef of Cha Cha San, has been hard at working preparing a brand new menu, one inspired by Thai cuisine. He calls it, “Little Thai!”

What’s on the menu?

Steamed spicy dumplings

thai spicing dumplings at cha cha san

Pad Thai noodles, chicken & shrimp

Thai basil chicken

Green curry shrimps

spicy green shrimp at cha cha san

Spicy lemon fish
Tom yum soup

To make a reservation, call: 264-583-1988