Version 4 of TAB Is Released

This update to the TAB Plan (version 4) clarifies how the Fund works in cooperation with the Police. There was some misunderstanding in a private email. Since it is so important, we added clarification, pulling information on this into a section of its own. See Section 3.3

It also adds information about the CCTV suggestion in the document (4.3.7). Mark Romney, GM of Lime, posted to the Mailing List about a CCTV project which includes a Control Centre to be operated by the RAPF which will go a long way in deterring crime. This will indeed be a reality!

Lee Bertman, President Caribbean Cable Communications, has offered assistance.

Support from our 2 major communications companies is a huge step forward!

Download v4 of the Take Anguilla Back plan here.

Version 3 of Take Anguilla Back Report is Released

The Take Anguilla Back mailing list has grown from 42 members to 75.

There has been a great deal of progress and we are hoping that the Governor, Government, ATB and the AHTA will soon be able to issue a press release detailing…

1) a strong plan to prevent and combat crime in Anguilla

2) actions that have already been put in place, as well as those are imminent.

The final endpoint of this program is to make Anguilla safer than it ever was.

For those interested, right-click on this link (or control-click if on Mac) to download v3 of the Take Anguilla Back Report.

Take Anguilla Back Study Released

While still safer than other Caribbean islands, Anguilla has seen a slow but steady increase in crime over the past 5+ years. Sporadically, it has spilled beyond the local population and affected tourists.

One recent incident, a robbery of Blanchards Restaurant gathered much attention in various forums. While crime has been the subject of much discussion, no effective action has resulted. Extensive research has resulted in this action-oriented, comprehensive report/plan on how to reverse the increasing amount of crime in Anguilla….

Take Anguilla Back (NOTE: This is the most recent update, Version 4)

(Right-click to download, left-click to read in your browser)

Joint Press Release On Addressing Crime by AHTA, ATB, ACOC

We received this letter from the AHTA today

Attached is a press release statement, on recommendations on the way forward from the Anguilla Tourist Board, the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, and the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce, presented to the Government, Commissioner and Governor.

These measures came as a result of the first meeting which was held by the three organization, The Governor and the Police Commissioner on February 4th, 2013.

( Please note that this is a joint statement of the three organizations)

Gilda Gumbs-Samuel ( Mrs.)
Executive Director
Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association

You can read (left-click) or download (right click) the press release attachment here.

Bottom line? I have read this, first saw it last week. Almost 3 weeks “post-Blanchards,” we are still lacking a strong, visionary and yet do-able plan.

This appears, at best, to be some sort of stopgap measure. We need much more than this to protect our citizens and tourists. It needs to be better defined to comment in more detail.

It’s Official! RAPF Has Caught the (Alleged) Little Bay Bad Guys

It’s official! Here is the release from the Royal Anguilla Police Force…

“On Sunday 30th January 2013 Police responded to a report of a Robbery at Little Bay, on arrival it was reported that four tourist were on the beach, three in the water and one on the sand, when two masked men came down the Hill approached the one on the sand assaulted her and took all their belongings and climbed back up the Hill. Police are conducting Investigation

On Monday 11th February 2013 Police arrested and charged S.T of South Valley for handling stolen goods after he was found in possession of a cell phone stolen during a Robbery of four tourist at Little Bay on Sunday 30th January 2013, he was taken before the Magistrate Court on Wednesday 13thFebruary 2013 and granted bailed until the 3rd May 2013.

On Friday 15th February 2013 Police arrested and charged three young men from the Valley for the Robbery of the four tourist at Little Bay on Sunday 30th January 2013. K.L, G.S and C.L appeared before the Magistrate Court on Friday 15th February 2013 and were all remanded to her Majesty Prison until Friday 22nd February 2013. Some of the stolen items were recovered.”

Well done, RAPF! Solving crime is a big part of preventing it. After all, it does not pay if you end up in jail!