AHTA and Cap Juluca Raise Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

As part of its ongoing Health and Wellness Programme, Cap Juluca is this month partnering with the national Cancer Awareness Steering Committee (CASC) to raise awareness on Breast Cancer. Under the theme“Cancer is Everybody’s Business – Early Detection is the Best Protection”, the Resort Health and Wellness Committee has planned a wide range of educational activities for October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Anguilla Ku Hotel Is Up For Sale

Well, it looks like Anguilla Ku Hotel is up for sale.

Given the location (Shoal Bay East, one of the best beaches in the world), the price ($11,000,000) seems to be reasonable. Of course, it’s going to take a fairly heft sum to renovate. Here’s hoping it remains a reasonably priced hotel.

Meanwhile, of course, there’s no shortage of excellent cheap Anguilla hotels.

If you happen to have $11M in loose change (and a bit more to renovate in time for the high season), act fast! This could be yours…

Anguilla Ku Hotel
Anguilla Ku Hotel