MEDFEST! Come Celebrate Anguilla Life!

Anguilla People (AXA PYPL) is holding an outdoor family festival on November 25-26 at J.R. Webster’s Park.  Called MEDFEST, the goal is to raise funds for the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Fundraising for the hospital is AXA PYPL’s main mandate.  A non-profit organization, AXA PYPL is dedicated exclusively to helping the hospital financially.

So join the music and fun!  Celebrate life (including Anguillian long life  — we have one of the top 20 life expectancies among all countries in the world, according to Enjoy the music of such bands as ALHCS Steel Pan Orchestra, King Gossip, Hotshot, Anguilla Time String Band and a whole bunch more!

Celebrate at MEDFEST! 100% of profits generated goes to one of the best causes possible, our hospital!

Sandy Ground Halloween And Ripples

While Halloween is not a big deal in most of Anguilla, it is a tradition in Sandy Ground.

Saturday October 29th, the costumes and goodies start at Ripple’s at 6 PM.

All the restaurants are on board. The children go from restaurant to restaurant, in “trick or treat” search of the usual Halloween goodies.

Also at Ripples to eat…

Mini curry with a poppadom for $5 and sliders!

And early bird dinner specials…

Roast lamb with mint sauce,

Sesame coated wahoo with orange and ginger marmalade,

Mediterranean quiche with veggie trimmings,

Each for only $14!

Sounds like a fun party.  Go and see all the Sandy Ground costumes, get ready to be spooked, and enjoy your own goodies at Ripples!

Geraud’s Reopening

Geraud’s is reopening for their 5th season this Thursday, October 13, 2011 with all kinds of new products to show off!

Pass by and have a taste of what’s new and don’t forget to pick up your customer reward card!

You can also see their daily breakfast and lunch menus posted on the Anguilla Forum under the dining out section.

Opening hours
Tues- Fri 5:30 am- 5pm
Sat 5:30 am- 12pm
Sun- 8:00 am-12pm ( 2 pm on Brunch sundays) please check website for dates.

South Hill Plaza

Missing Molly!

Please be on the lookout for “Molly” a shy, small short haired cream colored female dog who went missing late Sunday afternoon from her yard behind Triple K car rental by airport.

She is not wearing a collar and was previously living near the golf course so may be trying to return to that area.

If seen or found please contact 235-8492 or 461-4603

Thank You!