Island Hoops Anguilla Basketball Academy Holds 1st Annual Basketball Drillz & Skillz Camp

Island Hoops Anguilla Basketball Academy (“IHABA”) is holding its “1st Annual Basketball Drillz & Skillz Camp.” The camp accommodates three age groups, 8-12, 13-16 and 17-19.

Starting August 29th to September 3rd, the camp runs every Saturday until October 15th and is held at the Adrian T. Hazell Primary School…

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Congratulations to Keiron “Speedie” Rogers

Keiron Rogers, Anguilla at Daegu
Keiron Rogers, Anguilla at Daegu

Congratulations to Keiron “Speedie” Rogers, who set an Anguillian record for the 100 meters.

His 10:55 seconds time at the 2011 World Athletics Championships (in Daegu, South Korea) breaks a 20-year record held by Trevor Davis.

Congratulations, too, to coach Wilma Proctor.

Keiron did not proceed to the final rounds in the next heat, but world-class performances recently by “Speedie,” Shinelle Proctor (who set a personal best (PB) of 12:89 seconds at the same meet), and 17 year old Dee-Ann Rogers auger well for the future of Anguilla track.

Also, as Anguilla does not have Olympic status, remember to cheer for Shara Proctor who was asked by the UK to join their Olympic team. Anguilla has a medal hopeful for 2012!