Temenos Anguilla Hotel and Resort Back Up For Sale

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Leandro Rizzuto, owner of CuisinArt Resort & Spa here on Anguilla, is selling Temenos Hotel and Resort for $24 million.

Temenos Golf Club
Temenos Golf Club

He had bought the complex and the golf course for $15 million in June.  If he does manage to sell the resort and real estate for $24 million, he effectively gets the golf course (which cost $50 million to make) for free and makes a profit of $9 million.

This Anguilla golf course is sensational and it is adjacent to the luxurious CuisinArt Hotel, a strong and free addition to the resort.

The remaining 32 acres and unfinished hotel and villas would need another $95 million to complete. It also comes with legal problems from villa purchasers who have put down millions in deposits (which have apparently been spent by the previous developer).

Details at the Wall Street Journal.

Update from Ani Villa’s Felix Pina in Denver

Felix and the Anguilla Flag in Denver
Felix Anguilla Flag In Denver

Ani Villa sent their new property manager, Felix Pina up to Denver through the Starkey Institute and Properties in Paradise for extra training.
(click here to read more about that)

It’s been a few weeks since Felix has been up there.  Here’s what he has to say about his time up there…

“So far it has been an unbelievable experience. The course is intense and requires a lot of focus but it really has taught me a lot already. Once I get back I really will do things differently,  I really have acquired a new mentality.”

Sounds like this could bring a whole new level of service to Anguilla!

Bravo Felix!

Felix Flower Arranging
Felix Flower Arranging

Quincy Gumbs, Man With A Passion

Quincy Gumbs
Quincy Gumbs

For 10 years, Quincy Gumbs has poured profits from his successful Anguillian businesses (Fair Play Group of Companies) into the building of his passion…

The Royale Caribbean Resort will be a state-of-the-art convention center with 80 rooms, a spa, and other amenities.

Phase 1 of this important new business for the island, Anguilla conventions, was nearing completion when it was announced (September 16) that Mr. Gumbs had borrowed US$65,000,000 from a Canadian investment group.

The money will finance the completion of Phase 1, as well as the purchase of additional land and the building of another 94 rooms (Phase 2).

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TS Ophelia Moving North

From our good buddy Steve Donahue over at www.anguilla-weather.com:

This morning it appears that the forecast track of Ophelia will take it well north (200 + miles) of Anguilla, and forecast also calls for the storm to weaken. But as with Maria, we need to watch the track for another day or so. Ophelia passed about 50 miles south of ocean buoy #41041 several hours ago with winds of 60 mph, gust to 78 mph – and with sea swells of 17 ft., wave heights of 26 feet. Tomorrow morning, she will pass 50 or so miles north of buoy #41043 which should tell us what – if any – weather/waves we could expect when it passes north of us (as most of the wind/wave/rain action is north of center – little activity south of center). Right now, I think all we should expect is some moderately rough seas from the ENE.

Tropical storm Ophelia Heads To Anguilla

Anguilla-Weather.com reports Tropical storm Ophelia will reach Anguilla Saturday night, Monday morning.

The forecasted winds of 40 mph or so will be to the north of center along with thunderstorms.

It is not expected to escalate into a hurricane.

Of course, with several days to go, the storm track and severity could deviate considerably.

Steve also says that we’ve had record rainfall in 3 of the past 4 months.

That must be why my Dad’s so worried about his cactus collection!

Tropical Storm Ophelia
Tropical Storm Ophelia (from StormPulse.com)

As Anguilla-Beaches.com points out on this page about Anguilla weather in August and September, things could be worse.

Bottom line… unless matters start intensifying, expect nothing more than some heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

I will update if matters do start to look worse.

Stay dry.