Zimzala has Moved

Zimala Sign
Zimala's New Location Sign

Zimzala Salon and Boutique has moved from Sandy Ground to the historic West Indian house between Connor’s Car Rental and Gulf Insurance in South Hill.

My dad recently got his hair cut by Katherine at South Hill.  He came home with his perfect hair cut (as usual), while raving about the new location.

Their phone number is still the same…


And their hours are:

Tuesday through Friday, 10am-6pm

Saturday, 10am-4pm


ELEVEN Filling in for British Dependency this Tuesday

August 16th, British Dependency will be in Guadeloupe, so ELEVEN will fill in their weekly spot at the Pumphouse.  They will be back by Friday to play Veya.

British Dependency regularly plays…

Tuesday:  Pumphouse 8pm-11pm
Friday:  Veya 7pm-10pm (currently closed for August)
Saturday:  Pumphouse 9pm-12pm
British Dependency
British Dependency

Atlantic Storms and Anguilla

Just a heads up re: the now 4 Atlantic storms being tracked.

The one of concern to us is Storm 93L which is still over 2,100 miles to our east.

Current thought is the storm in front of 93L (slower moving Storm 92L) could be absorbed into 93L (but no matter – 92L is currently not a threat).

Although too far for any accurate forecast, models call for it to track over the northern islands sometime Tuesday/Wed. without reaching hurricane status.  But it is a large storm and we should expect at least rain and some squalls mid-week.

Keep checking http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/index.shtml every 6 hours for updates.

More this weekend if conditions warrant.  Here’s the latest satellite/model tracks:

Storm 93L

From: http://www.anguilla-weather.com/