Meet Ani Villa’s New Property Manager

Properties in Paradise, a local firm offering villa management, consulting and staffing services, and the representative for Starkey International Institute of the Caribbean,proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Felix M. Pina as property manager of Ani Villas, Anguilla.

At the recommendation of Properties in Paradise and with full financial support from Ani Villas, Mr. Pina will travel to Denver, Colorado to complete the eight week Starkey Household Manager Course and receive full certification.

Felix Pina
Felix Pina, Ani's New Property Manager

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Tropical Storm Katia Update

From our local weather expert over at

TS Katia (probably hurricane Katia by Wed.) is currently tracking to the NW about 2,100miles to our ESE.  ALL forecast models call for Katia to pass well to our north on Sunday/Monday as a Cat 3 hurricane– currently about 300 miles north of AXA.  Also, current reports show that the strongest winds will be to the north of the center – with 50 kt. + winds extending only about 50 miles to the south from the center.  Sea swell forecast call for 10 – 12 ft. seas from the E and NE on Sunday – nothing extraordinary for AXA.  I should point out that Crown Weather ( ) stated in their report this morning that “…I am still leaning towards a track that takes Katia very close to, if not right over the northeastern Caribbean on Sunday and Monday..”, but not sure where they are coming from on this.  No matter, with a possible Cat. 3 hurricane passing close to us, should keep a close eye on the track later in the week.

TS Path
TS Path

FOUND Pit Bull

A  male, well cared for and friendly pit bull was found on Friday, August 26th at George Hill.

He is currently being sheltered at Morlens Veterinary Clinic. If you know of anyone missing a pit bull, please have them claim him at Morlens between 9 – 12 & 3 – 5 Monday – Friday. For questions, please contact Morlens at 497-4600.

A description and proof of ownership will be required before he is released.

Handover of Cheque by the Anguilla Social Security Board

The Anguilla Red Cross has been in the process of raising funds for a wheelchair bus with a lift.

They are pleased to announce that the Anguilla Social Security Board has made a very generous donation of USD$4 000 to the cause.

On Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 2:00pm the island is welcome to the Social Security Headquarters for the handover of the cheque ceremony.

Be One in a Million
Information on how to donate to the Anguilla Red Cross