Indian Artifacts and Shipwreck Medallions on Display

The Anguilla Archeological & Historical Society (AAHS) has set up a display for ancient Indian Artifacts and medallions from the El Buen Consejo.

The display is for one day only at the Soroptimist Day Care Center.

It’ll be held on July 26th 2011 and starts at 7:00pm.

Experts will be there to present and share stories behind the relics.

AAHS Artifacts
Details for the AAHS Relic Event

New Puppies At AARF

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) has new puppies and a kitten for adoption!  There are nine puppies total and one little kitten.

AARF Puppy
One of the nine pups up for adoption

The puppies are paper trained and the kitten is already litter box trained, so they won’t make too much of a mess 😉

Look at the little pup shown. I’ve got to see if I can get my Mom and Dad to take in a 3rd AARF dog!

All 9 are adorable!

The shelter’s openings are as follows:

Monday through Friday 9am until 12pm and then 3pm until 5pm, and Saturday 9am until 12pm.

AARF is a truly valuable service to Anguilla…

But did you know that tourists can take one of these charming animals home? It’s easy to do. Check in with AARF.

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Valley Street Festival
and John T. Memorial Cycling Race

Anguilla is now home for one of the premiere cycling competitions, the John T. Memorial Cycling Race.  John Thomas, who the cycle race is held in honour of, was one of the first cyclists in Anguilla.

For the past 12 years, this race has been a one day event.  Starting this year, it spreads over two days- July 16th to 17th.

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Anguilla Youth Sailing Team Grabs Gold in International Youth Regatta

The Anguilla Youth Sailing Team competed in the KATS 2011 Premier’s Cup International Youth Regatta on July 8th-10th in Tortola.

The six person team consisting of Kendall Richardson, Ethan Lloyd, Starlin Rosario, Romero Gumbs, Kadeem Joseph, and Derick Carty brought home the top prize- the gold medal!  Puerto Rico and the rest of the USA were in the competition, but the Anguilla boys brought us back the gold medal.

Anguilla Youth Sailing Team
From Left to Right: Rotary Club of Anguilla, Seymour Hodge; Romero Gumbs; Kadeem Joseph; Derick Carty; Starlin Rosario; Kenny Richardson; Sailing Instructor, Chris Simon; Deputy Premier and Minister for Health & Social Development, BVI, Hon. Dancia Penn Q.C; Rotary Club of Anguilla, Harris Richardson


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Channing Tatum Bids Smiling “Bye” To Anguilla

Channing Tatum, a rising Hollywood star who has appeared in such movies as Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Dear John with Amanda Seyfried (which I have definitely watched too many times, with a box of tissues nearby), left Anguilla a few hours ago.

Rumored to have stayed at Viceroy (can anyone confirm?), those who met him had only nice things to say about him.  We had spotted him the previous night at Pumphouse and Elvis’, where he posed for photos with fans, and generally seemed like a great down-to-earth guy.

We don’t like to bother the stars when they’re on vacation in Anguilla… it is their vacation, after all.  But when we spotted him at the airport in Saint-Martin (and after a phone call to my best friend in Montreal who was the one who made me watch She’s the Man hundreds of times) we couldn’t resist asking for a photo– I mean, it was fate, right??

Channing Tatum Leaving Anguilla
Channing Tatum Bids Smiling "Bye" To Anguilla

That’s Nori on his right and me (Yuki) on his left. I sure hope we see him return to our fair island. A genuinely nice man.