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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Braiding Extravaganza

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There's a new spot in The Valley where you can have your hair braided. Young entrepreneur Desiree Richardson who's been braiding since childhood has now opened her own boutique. Whether you just want a few stylish braids or all your hair done Desiree and her team would be happy to help. They are usually opened seven days a week from 9am - 9pm but it's best to make an appointment. They can also arrange to come to your villa or hotel to do your hair. Tel. 772-2603 for appointments. Located in the Herbert's Commercial Centre, opposite The Valley Post Office. Upon entering the complex the boutique has a sign out front and is located on the first floor on the right hand side.
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Tourist Board: Annual Calendar of Events

The tourist board web site has this list of events for the rest of the year. As you can see, Carnival starts August 1 and goes through August 8.
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New Address: Daily Pictures

Michel's site for 4 daily pictures from Anguilla has moved to a new URL.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Bid for a Stay at CoveCastles on the AHTA Auction Site!

The Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association is proud to announce the launch of its new auction web site

The site features auction lots of donated prizes from member establishments. The first auction lot to be featured is a five night stay in a one bedroom Beach House at luxurious Covecastles Resort on Shoal Bay West. The package includes daily continental breakfast and all government taxes and service charge.

Opening bids on the AHTA auction lots will be priced conservatively and minimum bid increments will be listed at only US$25.00 in order to generate enthusiastic participation from Anguilla lovers. The starting bid for the Covecastles package was US$300.00 but quickly jumped to US$350.00 even before yesterday's official launch. Bidding is expected to be fun and exciting with auction lots being featured for a maximum of only two weeks. Bidding is open to the general public including AHTA members and their employees. In the coming months, the AHTA hopes to feature not only hotel and villa stays on the site but art work, watersports excursions, meals, car rentals and other tourist products and services as well.

The idea for an AHTA auction web site was first introduced by Wilbert Fleming, manager of Anguilla Great House Beach Resort and a member of the AHTA Board of Directors. It is one of the first such sites in the region and is expected to be a primary source of non-dues revenue for the AHTA. For more information on the AHTA auction web site, please contact the AHTA at 264-497-2944 or email
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Monday, April 28, 2003

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Take a Side-Trip to St Barth

St. Barth is one of the nearby islands that is easy to visit from Anguilla and worth a couple of days. How to describe it? Think of an upscale French St. Martin: high energy, clean, mountainous, sophisticated, charming houses with red roofs, yachts, expensive, more developed and noisy than Anguilla.

St Barth has many beaches, but they are not the reason to go, as they are not up to the standard of Anguilla beaches. There is excellent dining, nightlife, shopping, and a European village atmosphere.

The easiest way to get there is via Winair, a 12-minute flight from Anguilla with an exciting landing ($125-$150 roundtrip). You can also take a boat from St Martin, but the crossing can unpleasant if the seas are not calm. Voyager leaves Marigot at 9am, take the 8am ferry from Anguilla.

St. Barth has a wide range of dining choices (even Thai and Vietnamese). Prices are about the same as Anguilla at high-end restaurants. A place we recommend is Andy's Hideway in St Jean for great food, friendly service, and low prices.

Gustavia has fun nightlife during the tourist season and on weekends, with several places within easy stroll of the inner harbour for live music and dancing.

There are hotel options in most prices, plus hundreds of villas for rent. We stayed in a charming, one-bedroom villa on St. Barth: Villa La Siesta was in an amazingly quiet residential area, with expansive views over a rural valley to the sea. It was wonderful to come back from shopping, traffic, excitement and noise, to this refuge.

To buy food, visit Match supermarket across the street from the airport (you need a 1 Euro coin to rent a cart). Maya's To Go near the gas station is an excellent deli, as is La Rotisserie in St Jean. You will need to rent a car: all the companies have booths at the airport. Power is European 220V, not 110V. Visitors from US, EU or Canada need a passport. Others need a visa. For local calls, dial 0590 + 6 digits. To call St Barth from Anguilla or the USA, dial 011-590-590 + 6 digits.

You should rebook your return flight 48 hours before departure. The number for Winair is 0590 22 54 35. And don't be late for the return flight - they sometimes leave early! Don't time your return from St. Barth too closely to your departure from Anguilla, as the Winair flights have been known to be cancelled.
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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Anguilla Rums

Here is the web site for Anguilla Rums, who bottle Pyrat rum in Sandy Ground.
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Easy Corner Villas

Here is the web site for this property in South Hill.
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Anguilla Great House

Here is the web site for the Anguilla Great House on Rendezvous Bay. Includes photo tours of the rooms.
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Saturday, April 26, 2003

April Visit to Anguilla.

Thom writes on the Anguilla Travel Forum:

We just ended our third trip to Anguilla so we are feeling a little blue. Already we are planning our next trip. As in our other visits, it is the beauty of the Anguillian people who make each of our vacations so wonderful. My only advice to others is try to attend some of the local celebrations, so that you can mix and experience the spirit of Anguillians.

Photos of their trip.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

NY Post on Anguilla

This article is from the Sunday travel section. Click on the article image to get the text in a readable window.
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Thierry Dehove, husband of hairdresser Sophie, has opened a business in Anguilla to do graphic design. He has a lot of experience with print and web graphics. Tel: 264.497.8273. Email:
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Heart Beat Radio Online

This Anguillian radio station now has a web site and a live webcast, so you can listen to Anguillian radio from anywhere in the world. Open the web site in a new window and click on Webcast. (Tip from Anguilla Travel Forum.)
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Summer 2003 House Rental - West End

West End Home - Great Views of St. Martin - Quiet - Comfortable. Anguilla House for Rent June thru August 2003 - $1500/month for three months. Fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen, home office, dining area, living room, porch. Computer and printer - internet service included, fax, 2 TV's, VCR, stereo. Twice a week maid service, ALL utilities included. Great summer vacation spot - sleeps 6; Ideal for writing or creating. Contact Wendy at 264-497-8097 or
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Villa Construction Progress

Sunset Homes has updated their website which shows the latest progress on the North Hill villa finishing touches. Another progress report.
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Pictures of the Triathalon

Chris Mason has posted photos of last weekend's 5th annual Optimist Triathalon. It looks like everyone had a great time.
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Fourth Anguilla International Art Festival

The organizers of Anguilla's International Art Festival have announced the next festival, for 2004.. As in past years, the first prize is US $10,000! Dates are December 1-8, 2004. For more information, click the link above.
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Main News Page Updated

The monthly update for has occurred, with a picture adventure to Anguilla's Dog Island.
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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Incredible Storm Last Night

Anguilla was hit by a fierce storm last night after midnight. Thunder, lightning, vast amounts of rain, and very high winds (but unlike a hurricane, we hadn't prepared, so water came in every window and the yard is a mess)!
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Kennida Foods & Grillers

Anguilla recently welcomed the opening of Kennida Foods and Grillers located on the mainroad in Stoney Ground. This venture combines a restaurant/bar specializing in tasty items hot off the grill along with a tropical gazebo selling fresh produce including vegetables, local eggs, Crystal Steam water, local poultry and pork and Anguillian art and craft.

This initiative is an interesting melting pot of ideas and creative work of the Vanterpool family. Helena and Maxwell Vanterpool of Welches raised twelve children, and it is their combined remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, pooled talents and close family ties that gave birth to this project.
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Headed by William and Debbie Vanterpool, this venture was supported by all the Vanterpool siblings, in-laws and the wider family. Brother Charlie did the building construction of the property, siblings Paper, Ken and Charlie all have a hand at the grill, Otlin supplies the fresh eggs and broilers from his farm, fresh pork comes from the Vanterpool brothers’ pig farm, water will be supplied by Joseph’s Crystal Stream, Melsadis and Vivian will feature their art and craft and Vivian, Charlie and William will supply fresh, local vegetables. This venture is reminiscent of Anguilla’s jollification tradition where voluntary, community efforts were pooled to execute the project at hand (maybe a harvest or building of a home), followed by festive socializing.

The Grillers are opened for lunch and dinner on Monday – Saturday and live local entertainment will be featured on select evenings. Tel. 264-498-5885. Email William and Debbie at
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Friday, April 04, 2003

Pre-Schools Parade

Article from The Anguillian.
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Thursday, April 03, 2003

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Outdoor Excitement for Anguilla’s Children

Fitzroy “Briggi” Tomlinson has made a mark on the island in organizing major cultural festivals and international shows. As a family man he has recently embarked on a venture that is bringing lots of smiles to Anguilla’s children. Briggi gives us a glimpse of the new rave.

Briggi (pictured below right with one of his young assistants) writes:

“Family Fun Inc. grew out of a need to provide more entertainment that can be enjoyed by the total family. I have four children and at times I saw the need for us to get together and play outdoors. So the idea to provide outdoor entertainment with a difference was developed. I have been exploring this for several years and encouraged by my wife and children I decided to start this business. So I think the inspiration comes mainly from my family."

"So far we have done a few promotional events for the church and the St Mary's pre-school. We have done one birthday party and two major fun days. The response so far is overwhelming… this will catch on very quickly. Right now we have interest by persons for upcoming events for Easter, birthday parties and regular appearance at a local restaurant. Even though it is a business I am trying to make it a fun thing for the staff…so far so good."
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"My staff consist of children, mainly friends of my eldest son who is 12 yrs old. The idea was and still is to give the youngsters some responsibility and encourage them to engage in play that can be productive. They are all paid an allowance and their parents have given consent to their involvement. My younger children also assist, so I would say the ages range so far from 7yrs - 14yrs. However I have just taken on two sixth form students to help when we are doing major fun days. I started out with a staff of nine youngsters (including my three sons) but for major events I will have to add a few more. The employment list is very long right now with a number of other children wanting to be a part of the staff (I guess what did it was is the staff shirts and the opportunity to play for free). I have meetings with them after each event to tell the where they went wrong, and teach them how to deal with the public (not very easy). The hardest part for them is deciding when to play and when it is work, but they are children so we try to go easy. They are very enthused and I think they are enjoying their jobs so far. Our policy however is that if their school work starts to deteriorate they are suspended from Family Fun activities until it improves. I also set a policy of good behaviour for the team."
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"I am presently preparing to add new equipment before the summer. We presently have four units, catering for age ranges from 3- 16 depending on size of the child. We will be adding new units for 2-5 yrs olds in order to separate the older children at fun days. I also plan to have another slide that can be used at major beach events, and a miniature train for 3-10yrs olds. Eventually there will be fun food added and some crowd control mechanisms included. This project is supported privately and by the Anguilla Development Board Small Business Development Unit."

"Our rates vary depending on the type of event and which unit is being rented. Our smallest goes from US$90.00 - $250.00 for parties. That is a maximum four hours. We have special arrangements for school and church functions, we will also offer special prices for social clubs fund raisers. We are also available to visitors who may wish to have a party for children while on island.”

For bookings contact Briggi at ph# 264-496-3396 or cell 264-235-3396 or email .
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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Saturday Reggae on Sandy Island

Starting April 12, and continuing every Saturday, King Gossip and the The Boys Band will be playing on Sandy Island (you may have heard them on Sundays at Gwen's Reggae Grill - Shoal Bay). A special boat fare of US$5 round trip on Saturdays will get you to this unique affair. Open bar and restaurant/bbq. Happy hour from 2pm to 3pm. Boat departs from Sandy Ground from 10am to 4pm. For information or reservation, tel 264.772.0542.
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Bringing Your Dog to Anguilla

Barbara Kingsley Hirtle writes:

Thank you for the puppy importing information you gave us; the procedure was seamless. The documents required going into Anguilla also need to be shown on return at U.S. Customs, so visitors should not pack them.

We had the pleasure of meeting Patrick Vanterpool and his assistant at the clinic, Amy.

In short, I also leave this quick message to other Anguilla visitors taking their dogs: it's important to keep them leashed when you're out and about. There are lots of chicken and rib bones around as well as a few poisons - rodent, herbicides and pesticides. Guinness (our Yorkie) picked up a mild poison and was queezy for a day. Fortunately it passed and all is well.
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Anguilla Regatta 2003

The First Annual Anguilla Regatta will take place May 30-June 1, 2003. The St. Maarten Yacht Club is enthusiastic, as this new racing event will extend the race season in the region. Cruising permit fees will be waived for all entries. More information:
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Animal Rescue Newsletter

The April issue of the newsletter from AARF continues information on dog licensing (April is the month), animal adoptions, primary school education and more.
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Optimist Charity Marathon Planned

The Optimist Club of Anguilla is planning a major marathon run on November 30, 2003. The goal of this charity event is AIDS Awareness. There will be much more information was the event draws closer, but keep in mind that the Opimists are hoping to draw many runners from around the world. The Optimists are working on lining up discounted accomodations, airfare and more, so visitors can enjoy a discounted vacation on Anguilla, while helping a worthy cause. For more information, contact Jerome Roberts 264.497.4673,
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Comments on Food

Paul Lowerre of New York City writes:

To expand a little on the Dutmers' earlier piece on Irad's Seaside Grill, in the last few years we have found a dramatic increase in the number and quality of "intermediate" restaurants on Anguilla. In the early days of our travels to Anguilla, 1990 or so, there really wasn't very much between Pimms (super high-end) and the Roti hut (super local). Our most recent visit, last month, found us visiting Irad's, Smokey's, Flavours and Corals, all of which provided us with wonderful meals at very moderate prices. Add these to Pedro Marin's Sapphire, E's Oven and even the restaurant at Wallblake Airport (great curried goat) and you've really got quite a few choices. I have always loved the food on Anguilla, but I had grown weary of US$300 dinner bills every night for my family. I look forward to seeing who's set up their own shop next year when we're back in the Spring.

ps. Smokey's has the best Rum Punch on the Planet!
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