Anguilla News: November 1995

News reports from on the island, as they were posted to the Net:

Forbes Ranks Cap Juluca Tops

The readers of Forbes magazine again rated Cap Juluca on Anguilla among the Top 20 resorts in the world! In fact, it ranked 7th, behind Four Seasons/Nevis (5th) and Little Dix Bay/BVI (6th). The top two resort hotels were in Italy! The government has given Cap Juluca permission to dredge Maundays Bay of the sand that was eroded from the beach. Under proper environmental supervision of course.

Malliouhana Rebuilds

Restoration work at the Malliouhana has been going on at a fantastic pace. The rumors you hear are unbelievable: 200 people on-site working to get everything ready for a November 17th reopening, millions of dollars spent, complete new landscaping, full grown palm trees lining the entry drive that were shipped in via containers at enormous expense, specialists imported from Kentucky installing new spas, ... it never ends.

Lots of Restaurants Open

Hibernia Restaurant has re-opened (closed Mondays, no reservations needed since they still don't have telephone service). Cinammon Reef restaurant re-opened. I had lunch 3 times recently at Koal Keel - great!

Lots of Hotels Open

The beach at Shoal Bay is starting to have a bit of a tourist crowd again. I met ladies from Washington D.C. this weekend who came to Anguilla because there time-share in St. Martin wasn't available. Arawak, Allamanda, Caribella, Easy Corner Villas, Lloyds, Casa Nadine (stay in Anguilla for $20 a night), Ferry Boat, Fountain Beach, Harbour Villas, La Sirena, Masara, Paradise Cove, Pineapple Beach, Rendevous Bay, Sea Feathers Resort (although the telephone poles don't quite reach there yet -- I saw a crew out putting them in today), and Spindrift are open. Cap Juluca is scheduled for December 15, Cove Castles, Coccolobo and Casablanca are scheduled for January. Everyone else is shooting to be open for Thanksgiving.

New Governer Says "Anguilla Is Open for Business"

Alan Hoole was sworn in November 3rd as the new Governer of Anguilla. In his welcome speech he made a point of declaring that Anguilla was open for business. The Governer had served in Anguilla before as Attorney General and knows the island well.

Hurricane Luis and Anguillian Beekeeping

Until 1994 Anguilla was one of the few Caribbean islands where honey bees (Apis mellifera) had not been introduced. With assistance from British development funds, Quentin Henderson, the "Beeman" of Nevis, introduced 25 nucleus colonies to Anguilla at monthly intervals between November 1993 and December 1994. Anguilla has a very low rainfall level and there was concern as to how the bees would survive in the dry climate. But the experiment was a success. Polination by the bees has improved the output of local agricultural crops, as well as producing hundreds of pounds of income-generating honey. A revolving fund was set up so that income could be used to buy more honey containers and pay for about 1/2 of the honey extracting equipment. Slowly a tiny industry was emerging on a dry island not noted for many agricultural products. Anguillans are especially proud of a honey product that is so special to their island.

The beeyard was set up in a field beneath a row of beautiful Neem trees, behind the Dept. of Agriculture. As Hurricane Luis approached, the staff did their best fo safeguard all the livestock, including a small rabbit breeding venture. Several hives were picked up and placed in the honey extracting shed. Others were weighted down with very heavy rocks. Alas, it was a flash flood that drowned most of the bees, even though most hives were standing on concrete blocks. Limbs and branches from the shady Neem trees were wrenched from their trunks and knocked some of the hives over. That beautiful line of trees, probably over 100 years old, is now a completely torn asunder.

Plans are underway to get Anguillian beekeeping up and running once again. It will take a bit of money, time, effort, and cooperation. Quentin can ferry up new nucleus bee colonies from Nevis two at a time on LIAT (maximum allowed as hand baggage) or charter a small plane to bring them all at once. But it will cost about $1350 US to get this industry on its feet again. Anyone interested in donating to this worthy cause, let me know by email.

Anguilla Has Own Internet Node

Courtesy of Cable and Wireless we now have our own local node on the Internet, consisting of Sun sparcstation and Cisco router. Reliability of the link has improved drastically since the installation of routing equipment on the island. (Previously we dialed to Antigua on unconditioned lines and used their link, but disconnects were frequent).

Iguanas Drop In

Since the hurricane Iguanas have been spotted (and captured) on the south coast from Junks Hole to Corito). These appear to be a new species, not the iguanas occasionally spotted in the Brimegen area on Anguilla's north coast. Current theory is that they migrated to Anguilla by holding on to some of the many logs that have beached themselves. An iguana specialist is coming to the island to identify them, as there is a lively debate among iguana-philes about how they spread from island to island.

New Nightspots in Anguilla

We have our two single nieces visiting for a month from Canada, so we have in-depth news on Anguillian night life. Sandy Ground is now very efficient. You can walk from Johhnos to Ripples or the new Pumphouse club (in a historic building left over from the salt business). If one is dead, the other may be hopping. If the live music really starts jammin at Johhnos, the crowd magically reforms there (although there is now a $5 cover charge that includes a ticket for one basic bar drink). The Pumphouse doesn't have a cover and stays open after Johhnos closes. And Mirrors is a new disco bar above the Vista Food Market. It opens at 6:30 PM, warms up late, and stays open until the last person leaves. In the morning you could crawl over to Uncle Ernies on Shoal Bay and ask Michael to make you an R and R (the Rhoda and Robin).

Scotiabank Has Cash Machine

Scotiabank has moved to a new location in the Fairplay Center, complete with Anguilla's first drive up bank window and Anguilla's first cash machine (although it isn't connected to the international banking network yet). Will the entire island be ruined now? Telephone: 809-497-3333.

Malliouhana Hotel Reopens

The Malliouhana Hotel reopened on schedule, November 17th. Everyone is happy that they finally reopened. The hotel has been sucking up most of the resources on the island in order to remodel, regarden, and re-equip: contractors, gardeners, carpenters, boat shops, ... . The gardens have been completely replanted with container after container of adult plants. Telephone: 809-497-6111. Meads Bay is much narrower than before the hurricane, especially in front of the Carimar. It may be difficult to find room for the many food booths and the huge crowd that gathers for the August's boat races.

Blanshards Restaurant Reopens

We went to Blanshards for dinner this week and it was up to their reputation for elegant food. After the hurricane, the Blanshards thought the plants in their garden were all dead. So, they ordered a container load of new plants from Miami. By the time the new plants arrived, the old plants had revived. Now their garden is twice as lush as before -- very nice effect. After dinner we enjoyed the gardens and watched the diners from the Malliouhana whisked back to their rooms on golf carts! Telephone: 809-497-6100.

Dive Shop To Reopen in Two Weeks

Tamarain Watersports has rebuilt and will be open for scuba diving and instruction in two weeks. They have to wait for their dive boat to be repaired because the Malliouhana has the repair shop tied up with their boats. Telephone: 809-497-2020.

More Restaurant News

Cyril's Fish House reopened in Island Harbour today. Open for dinner every night - same great chef as last year. Smitty says he has bought the incomplete restaurant and land on the beach in Island Harbour and is rebuilding: a toes in the sand "shack" and an expanded in-door experience. Ships Galley has reopened in Sandy Ground. Bad news: Jackie of Tropical Penguin is still here in Anguilla, but her restaurant was blown to bits and she isn't planning to reopen -- a major loss. Tropical Penguin will be missed. We have good reports of a new Chinese Restaurant. The Anguillian directions to find it: below the Chief Ministers house, toward back road. The tourist directions: go west past the Sandy Ground roundabout, past the Blowing Point turn off, turn right in about 1/2 mile at the Chinese Restaurant sign (you will be headed toward the cliff overlooking Sandy Ground).

Ferry Service Back to Normal

Every half-hour, or so, between Blowing Point and Marigot. Reservations not taken, nor necessary. Pay the departure tax, sign the manifest for the next boat, pay $10 on board. Most of the airlines have resumed service to St. Martin. American is going to reinstate the New York flight for the high season. (AA has already resumed 3 times a day flights to Anguilla from San Juan on weekends.)

Horses and Cushions!!

We were down at Christobell Johnson's Home Decor shop in Blowing Point to pick up some chair cushions (she also makes bedspreads, drapes, slipcovers, and wedding dresses, telephone: 809-497-6369). She also has a new gift shop on the main road. Her workshop is located down a side road next to the El Rancho Del Blues stables (turn left at the gas station that is open). The horses appear to have survived the hurricane and are ready to take you for a ride on the beach. Telephone: 809-497-6164.

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