Picnic Goodies From Fat Cat

It’s that time of the year in Anguilla…

Seas are still, sparkling a special shade of azure, you have beaches all to yourself, and it is the season of Anguilla’s national sport, boat racing, too!

With perfect conditions to laze the day away on the beach, and take in the boat races (the next boat race is Anguilla Day – tomorrow, June 1st, followed by all of the Carnival boat races in July/August), it’s a perfect time of the year for tranquil, beach picnics.

And, Fat Cat is a favorite for picnic goodies!…


Salads of all kinds, including potato salad, chicken salad, veggie and/or shrimp pasta salad and coleslaw.

fat cat patty in anguilla

A plethora of perfectly-spiced patties, roti and quiches.

Moist sweet treats, including carrot cake and brownies.

fat cat carrot cake

… and much more!

A Fat Cat picnic is a tasty picnic, indeed :-)


Seabirds Make an Appearance on Anguilla’s Wetlands

This week we have seen an uptick in seabirds on Anguilla’s wetlands. Brown Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Brown Boobies and Royal Terns have been spotted feeding vigorously. We have also witnessed nesting activity at the back of the pond along with our first Killdeer chicks of the season. It is a great time for birding with over 20 different species of shore and seabirds seen on one wetland in just over and hour of viewing.


Book your tour today and come take a Walk on the Wild Side with Nature Explorers Anguilla.

Email: jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com or call: 1.264.584.0346

The Hungry Caterpillar


There are a lot of interesting bugs and caterpillars on the island at this time of year.  One example is this stunning Tetrio Sphinx.  You will most often find it feeding on the tender green leaves of the local Frangipani bushes.  In its adult form, itis a large drab grey moth that is found in the American tropics and subtropics.


nature explorers anguilla's photo of a hungry caterpillar

We hope you will join Nature Explorers Anguilla to see the island’s exciting wildlife.  Please call: 1.264.584.0346 or email: jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com to book your tour today!


Tropical storm Ophelia Heads To Anguilla

Anguilla-Weather.com reports Tropical storm Ophelia will reach Anguilla Saturday night, Monday morning.

The forecasted winds of 40 mph or so will be to the north of center along with thunderstorms.

It is not expected to escalate into a hurricane.

Of course, with several days to go, the storm track and severity could deviate considerably.

Steve also says that we’ve had record rainfall in 3 of the past 4 months.

That must be why my Dad’s so worried about his cactus collection!

Tropical Storm Ophelia
Tropical Storm Ophelia (from StormPulse.com)

As Anguilla-Beaches.com points out on this page about Anguilla weather in August and September, things could be worse.

Bottom line… unless matters start intensifying, expect nothing more than some heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

I will update if matters do start to look worse.

Stay dry.