NEW: Use Your Anguilla Card To Book Tradewind Aviation ONLINE & Save 10%!

Excellent news from Tradewind Aviation, Anguilla’s premier airline that flies between San Juan and Anguilla!…

You can now book online with your Anguilla Card.

Simply navigate to Tradewind’s website at…

Scroll down to “Book By The Seat”…

tradewind aviation website
Enter your travel info and click “Search Flights.”

On the next page, make sure everything looks right and then enter the NEW promo code in the bottom left…

tradewind website promo code

The promo code is: AXACARD

Once you have confirmed your booking, email…

… with the digital copy of your Anguilla Card.

The 10% Anguilla Card discount will be applied.

It’s as simple as that :-)

Tradewind Aviation flies to Anguilla daily. Refer to schedule below for flight schedule.

  • 9:50AM depart SJU — 10:40AM arrive AXA
    11:15AM depart AXA — 12:05pm arrive SJU
    2:30pm depart SJU — 3:20pm arrive AXA
    4:00pm depart AXA — 4:50pm arrive SJU

Shoal Bay Scuba’s NEW Snorkeling Adventure

Shoal Bay Scuba will be offering a unique guided snorkel experience every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (starting the second week in November).

shoal bay scuba

Anguilla offers 33 pristine beaches and over twelve miles of stunning white sand, it also offers great diving with our reefs and wrecks and amazing snorkel spots. We know the importance of having a guide while experiencing Anguilla’s waters, enabling you to see this environment like never before.

snorkel masks at shoal bay scuba

To this end, we are offering this unique experience to fit your budget, but still flexible and fun enough for the entire family.

We lead a guided snorkel excursion to Pelican Bay and Little Bay to a max depth of 20ft in a calm, protected and secluded spot. On this trip even the most novice snorkeler will have a time. This area is also known as a nursery area for juvenile marine life.

shoal bay scuba equipment


Like 007 with a Sea Doo Aqua Ranger sea scooter from Snorkel Buddy Anguilla including mask, snorkel and fins @ 65.00 USD per person.

With a Aria Ocean Reef full face mask (see the first two photos above) with dry snorkel and fins @ 50.00 USD per person.

Passengers and or Persons with own equipment or persons using our complementary traditional mask, snorkel and fins @40.00 USD per person.

For more visit…

Or contact Shoal Bay Scuba at…

The Scrub Island Ultimate Hiking Excursion is Finally Here!

Anguilla Watersports has once again added to its collection of first-class service offerings with The Scrub Island Ultimate Hiking Excursion, a one day hiking adventure that will leave guests with memories of a lifetime.

The one day Ultimate Hiking Excursion is guided by first aid certified Guides and is the only hike of it’s kind in the area.

scrub island beach

The adventure begins at the peer in Island Harbour, Anguilla at 7:45am. Guests board the boat and take a short scenic 20 minute boat ride over to the Western side of Scrub Island. Guests are dropped off at a beautiful beach with their Guide and the adventure begins shortly after.

The Guide takes memorable photos and videos during the adventure that are later shared with the Guests. Guests learn about the island, observe wildlife, visit a famous crashed airplane, snorkel with turtles, fish and stingray, swim in emerald glowing lagoons and much more. Guests then return back to the beach at Scrub at approximately 2:30pm for the boat ride back to Island Harbour.

scrub island anguilla

For the full experience, watch this video…

Lunch, snacks, water and juice are included as part of the hike and carried by the Guide.

The Ultimate Hiking Excursion is available to guests who are 12 years and older. Rates are $250 per person and all-inclusive. The adventure starts at 7:45am in Island Harbour and wraps up at around 3:00pm in Island Harbour.

To book call: (264) 584-1204

Or, visit…

WinAir Coming to Anguilla!

Winair Logo

Hot on the heels of recent news about the new Tradewinds flight from San Juan to Anguilla, and on the upcoming program of “seamless transfer” from St. Maarten to Anguilla for all arriving via SXM, comes this…

Winair will be launching two new routes to Anguilla, one from San Juan and one via St. Maarten (SXM). With the latter being such a critical access point to Anguilla, Anguilla Air Services is the sole airline providing the quick and sensational 7 minute hop across the channel.

This welcome addition, for those who prefer not to “boat across,” or who would rather arrive with a sensational aerial perspective, should shorten connection time from SXM. In the very near future, this could be you landing in St. Maarten from Anguilla…

Winair flight landing in St. Maarten

Welcome WinAir!

Great News on Cooperation Between Anguilla and St. Maarten

Outstanding news for those traveling to Anguilla via St. Maarten (often the best way to reach Anguilla). The two countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that is a first for both countries. Why is is important for air travelers to Anguilla?

It should shortly lead to preclearance for visitors arriving from St. Maarten into Anguilla. It has long been a goal of the Anguillian Government to have a more seamless transfer to Anguilla through St. Maarten. And it has long been an equally strong desire by those traveling to our fair shores.

Princess Juliana International Airport is the main airline hub for travel into Anguilla, with San Juan (SJU) placing an important second for some points of origin. Over ninety percent (90%) of visitors arrive to Anguilla via St. Maarten.

An Immigration office has been office has been opened at the Anguilla dock in Simpson Bay to accommodate travelers to and from Anguilla in an effort to improve the overall quality of service. Here are the details of the MOU…

1) The Anguilla-St. Maarten Ferry Terminal will be an official transit point for residents, tourists and business travelers traveling between St. Maarten and Anguilla. It is now an official point of entry/checkpoint wherein immigration and border controls will be uninterruptedly carried out as long as the dock is in operation.

2) The signing of the MOU establishes an understanding between Anguilla and St. Maarten where it pertains to the admission of persons in and out of the islands.

3) The Ministry of Justice of St. Maarten will be responsible for the execution of the immigration for the execution of the immigration and customs services provided at the Anguilla-St. Maarten ferry terminal (dock).

4) All passenger vessels using the Anguilla-St. Maarten ferry terminal will be required to operate under the immigration and maritime laws of both St. Maarten and Anguilla and in accordance with international law.

5) All vessels destined for the Anguilla-St. Maarten ferry terminal will be subject to controls by Dutch Coast Guard if deemed necessary by these services.

6) Utilization of the facilities at the Anguilla-St. Maarten ferry terminal acquired by the Government of Anguilla will be extended to the Government of St. Maarten for immigration and customs purposes

7) A Port Manager will provide entry and departure clearing services for all vessels operating within the below mentioned hours. The Port Manager will be responsible for assuring proper customs and immigration adherence under any applicable local laws.

8 ) The above-mentioned Port Manager will be appointed by the Government of Anguilla, subject to approval by the Government of St. Maarten.

9) The Anguilla-St. Maarten ferry terminal will operate from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm.

10) All vessels will be required to report to the Port Manager and Immigration office at the Anguilla-St. Maarten dock when entering the Lagoon at Sandy Ground, giving name of vessel, estimated time of arrival and number of crew and passengers.

11) All vessels carrying passengers between the two territories must be authorized to do so by the country of registry, each vessel must carry on board valid copies of boat registry, radio license, insurance, copy of last inspection of vessel in addition to life jackets, rafts, fire extinguishers and any other pertinent life-saving or operational equipment.

12) Captains must be in possession of a current Captains license recognized by the country of registry of the vessel. Each boat crew must be in possession of a Port Pass from the country of registry. Vessels and Captains not complying with the above requirements will not be permitted to operate services between the two territories.

13) All operational and maintenance cost associated with the dock will be the responsibility of the Government of Anguilla with exception to the salaries of the Immigration officers. All accessories including office supplies will be provided by the Ministry of Justice, St. Maarten.

Ideally, those arriving in St. Maarten would be able to simply get on a boat or plane and leave for Anguilla. That’s “ideally.” We await the actual implementation with great anticipation.