Blissful Afternoons Bayside at da’Vida

With 33 beaches and some of the best dining in the Caribbean, the choices are many when it comes to Anguillian lunch spots that exude tranquility wrapped in blue.

One of the very best and most popular? da’Vida’s Bayside Grill on Crocus Bay.

kayak on crocus bay at davida restaurant

Build up an appetite by kayaking on the bay’s calm waters and snorkeling the still seas, or simply soak up the day’s rays from the restaurant’s complimentary (and luxurious!) lounge chaises.

It’s funny how doing nothing at all goes hand in hand with mouthwatering drinks and eats! 😉

Frozen cocktails of all kinds…

a colorful frozen cocktail at davida bayside grill


frozen delight at davida
Decadent, fresh eats of crayfish…

crayfish lunch at davida on crocus bay


bbq steak at davida for lunch

… in addition to a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and pizzas, and, of course, sweet dishes, too, are all on the menu…

sweet endings at davida

It sure is hard to beat a day bayside at da’Vida!

da’Vida’s Bayside Grill is open daily.

Tastes of Tokyo Bay With New Chef Joe Richardson

CuisinArt’s Tokyo Bay recently welcomed their new sushi chef, Joe Richardson.

Formerly of Sushi Samba and BarMASA in Las Vegas, we were eager to see what Chef Joe had in store and started off the weekend with a visit to “Mom’s favorite,” Tokyo Bay.

The evening began with spicy, wok-tossed, warm edamame beans, topped with garlic flakes and a bottle of hot sake.

tokyo bay edamame beans

The combination sure heats up your palate!

warm sake at tokyo bay

You will still find Tokyo Bay’s very best dishes on the menu, including the rock shrimp tempura, coated in a tangy sauce, topped with finely-chopped scallions and cilantro.

rock shrimp tempura at tokyo bay

What’s different with Chef Joe leading the kitchen?

Everything is even better than before, if you can imagine that!

The Duck Duck Goose Gyoza, for instance, was even finer than I had remembered. The gyoza skin itself (the hardest part to get right) was crunchy-crisp on the bottom and warmly-steamed through the top. The flavors inside? Savory with a touch of sweet.

duck duck gyoza at tokyo bay

While we stuck to our favorites throughout the evening, a new dish caught our eye as a must-try…

tuna sushi with foie gras and eel sauce, topped with gold flakes

Tuna sushi with foie gras, bathed in an eel sauce. Garnished with gold flakes, it is a glamorous dish, and it tastes as good as it looks. Rich and decadent, with a smokey hint.

Then, it was time for the true test!…

The sushi and sashimi.

First? A few slices of salmon sashimi. Generously cut, they simply melt in your mouth.

melt in your mouth salmon sashimi in anguilla

The sushi sampler, including, hamachi, tuna, yellowtail and salmon, were equally excellent and left us with one thought…

sushi sampler at tokyo bay

Chef Joe is a true sushi master.

With a few classic rolls to end the evening, including an improved California roll (thicker and with more flavorful crab compared to before)…

tokyo bay new and improved california roll

… spicy tuna roll…

spicy tuna sushi roll at tokyo bay

… and, of course, the sweet ending, chocolate sushi.

chocolate sushi dessert

Tokyo Bay has done it again! With Chef Joe, Tokyo Bay remains the #1 restaurant on Anguilla for authentic Japanese dining.

For reservations, call: 264-498-2000


Weekends at Le Bar

In good Friday fashion, we paid Didier & Veronique a pre-weekend visit yesterday afternoon (is there a better way to begin a weekend?)…

le bar on the beach

Down on Sandy Ground beach, the sun shines something special over Road Bay in the mid-afternoon, lighting up the still and peaceful sea.

A crisp glass of rose pairs perfectly with the sights of the sea and the French ambiance.

And then?…

“Le Veriunic” burger, the island’s very best, hand-made and infused with special Herbes de Provence. No matter how many times we ask, “What’s your secret, Veronique?” she never tells 😉
le bar's famous veriuniq burger

Equally outstanding is her lobster salad, prepared with homemade mayonnaise…

le bar's lobster salad

The options don’t end there at Le Bar.

In addition to their regular menu (a wide selection of salads, charcuterie plates and main dishes), they have a variety of daily specials, too. Friday’s included…

  • Beef Carpaccio with homemade French fries
    Filet Snapper seasoned with lemon, fennel, tomato and garlic

An excellent price with an unbeatable atmosphere, to make a reservation call: 264-498-3229




Michelin-Starred Chefs, Jeremy Bearman and Robert Curry Delight at The Restaurant at Malliouhana

Just when you thought it was wasn’t possible, the five-star restaurant at Malliouhana has outdone themselves yet again.

This past Friday night Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman teamed up with Executive Chef of sister property Auberge du Soleil, Robert Curry.

A culinary celebration of Anguilla, it was a farm to table dinner that honored the hard work that goes into farming in Anguilla… the hard work that allows the island’s chefs to do what would otherwise be impossible: create outstanding cuisine with fresh ingredients.

The evening started as the sun began to sink low in the sky, out on the breezy terrace overlooking none other than Meads Bay.

Fresh watermelon and guava cocktails…

malliouhana cocktails at farm to table event

Along with a variety of canapés, including…

  • Pate foie blond
    Local conch beignets
    Crayfish and wakame tartlet
    Jerk spiced pork belly (between Johnny cakes!)
    Saltfish fritters
    Gaudaloupe melon topped with homemade burrata

malliouhana melon appetizer

This was just the beginning and the Chefs impressed right from the very start.

At twilight, beneath a bed of stars, Chefs Robert Curry and Jeremy Bearman set the stage, introducing the evening’s menu.

malliouhana chefs at farm to table event

To start, chilled pea soup with crayfish, pancetta, tarragon and a drizzle of rye with a watermelon and spiny lobster salad. Topped with yuzu, the Asian flavors gently complemented the fresh chunks of lobster.

malliouhana lobster salad and pea soup to start

And then, out came the Johnny cakes…

malliouhana fungi and johnny cakes

“No meal in Anguilla is complete without Johnny cakes, of course,” Chef Jeremy Bearman laughed as the fluffy cakes were placed on the immaculately set table.

What followed?

Lamb ribeye encrusted with Moroccan spices, served with a smoked tropical fruit chutney, all smoked in-house.

malliouhana merguez sausages

Homemade goat Merguez and a Greek yogurt-based salad, mixed with fresh cucumber, mint and sugar beans. The cool yogurt lent a refreshing contrast to the spicier Merguez.

Braised callaloo, combined with saltfish, onion and even spinach as a side dish.

Chef Robert Curry here remarked on the impressive spinach grown in Anguilla, the leaves of which are far bigger here on-island and sweeter, too.

Even fungi was on that evening’s menu. Sweet cornmeal on the inside, gently fried on the outside, it was unexpectedly and exceptionally light and crisp.

Finally, Anguilla’s national dish…

malliouhana crispy snapper

Snapper with rice and peas.

Always with a creative twist, the snapper was served crispy, with tomato, peppers and onions. The rice and peas? Mixed with local bok choy and kimchi, providing a hint of Asian inspiration to the dish.

The tremendous meal was accented by Sommelier, Mr. Albert Lake’s two beautiful 2013 Napa Valley wines.

  • Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay
    Rutherford Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

No attention to detail was spared in creating the final course of the night, dessert.

Moist and light, Tres Leches cake was bathed in a bush tea milk (a staple here in Anguilla), topped with coconut and served with a cocoa stick sorbet.

malliouhana tres lèches special dessert

Last, but certainly not least, a Rum Baba, filled with sweet banana cream and Pyrat rum, topped with local tropical fruits. It, too, had an accompanying sorbet, a chile sorbet.

malliouhana's rum baba

A beautiful showcase of precisely what the team at the Restaurant at Malliouhana is capable of, one thing is for sure…

The dining experience is second to none.

It was another night for the books at The Restaurant at Malliouhana. Many thanks to Chefs Jeremy Bearman and Robert Curry, Sommelier Albert Lake and the team that makes it all possible.

To make a reservation for dinner, call: 264-497-6111

Tokyo Bay’s Ultra-Fresh Sushi & Sashimi Bites

As a pre-Mother’s Day celebration, last week we headed to my Mom’s #1 Anguilla restaurant… Tokyo Bay!

With Chef Jasper Schneider, Tokyo Bay never fails to spark your taste buds with their outstanding Japanese cuisine.

The meal began with their starter sampler, including spicy edamame…

edamame from tokyobay

Shishito peppers…

shishito peppers tokyobay

And, my Dad’s favorite, the spicy rock shrimp tempura…

rock shrimp tempura

Next? Appetizers!

The “Salmon Nori” in with a nori vinaigrette, topped with puffed quinoa. We always order two of these dishes.

salmon nori japanese dish

Two of the Duck Duck Goose Dumplings, too!

duck gyoza anguilla

And then? On to the star of the evening, the sushi bites!

California Rolls with real crab…

california roll anguilla

The Hamachi Scallion. A night at Tokyo Bay is never complete for my Mom without this refreshingly-light roll.

hamachi scallion roll sushi

The Sushi Sampler, with a selection of ultra-fresh and expertly-sliced sushi pieces.

sushi sampler tokyo bay

And, finally, the Sashimi Sampler!

Hamachi, tuna, salmon, shrimp and scallop were beautifully displayed on a bed of ice. The extra-special piece on the Sashimi Sampler that night?

beautiful sashimi sampler at tokyo bay anguilla

Freshly caught Snapper!

Sliced just right, it was melt-in-your-mouth perfect.