Tourism Week Opening Speech

Last week was Tourism Week in Anguilla and the president of the Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association, Mrs. Sherille Hughes, gave an informative and clear opening speech.

Mrs. Hughes urges Anguilla to work together to bring new visitors to our beautiful island and to keep our returning travelers happy.

Read her entire speech after the jump…

President of Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association
Mrs. Sherille Hughes, President of Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association

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Felix Graduates from Starkey International Institute

After an eight week and 360 hour program, Felix Pina has graduated from Starkey International Institute with a Household Management certification.

Felix said, “I am excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained to bring a new vision and precise service standards to my post with Ani Villas.”  Felix is now back in Anguilla and ready to put his new knowledge to work!

Joining with Ani Villas, Properties in Paradise, which offers high-end service training and gave Mr. Pina the opportunity to complete the program.

Bravo Felix!!

Felix's Graduation from Starkey
Felix's Graduation from Starkey

For more information about Properties in Paradise and Starkey International Institute, contact Bruce Hearn at (264) 235-8840.



Anacaona ReVamped and ReOpened

Anacaona boutique hotel (formerly La Sirena) has reopened after months of redecorating and improvements.  New roofs, new paint jobs, and a new garden were all installed by Anacaona’s regular staff.

In their new garden Anacaona now boasts an array of exotic fruit trees such as Sour Sop, Golden Apple, Sugar Apple, Ginips, Mangoes, and tons of lime trees.  Also, an herb and vegetable garden has been planted for their restaurant.

Monday nights at Anacaona will now be home to Anguilla’s Klassique dance troup.  After watching their moves, you can try your hand at salsa, merengue, and other dances with a professional instructor.

Thursday night Anguillian themed buffet and entertainment with the Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre is still running for $45 plus taxes (including dinner) or for $15 at the bar (this includes two drinks).

Sounds like a lot is happening at Anacaona this season!

Anguilla Ku Hotel Is Up For Sale

Well, it looks like Anguilla Ku Hotel is up for sale.

Given the location (Shoal Bay East, one of the best beaches in the world), the price ($11,000,000) seems to be reasonable. Of course, it’s going to take a fairly heft sum to renovate. Here’s hoping it remains a reasonably priced hotel.

Meanwhile, of course, there’s no shortage of excellent cheap Anguilla hotels.

If you happen to have $11M in loose change (and a bit more to renovate in time for the high season), act fast! This could be yours…

Anguilla Ku Hotel
Anguilla Ku Hotel

Temenos Anguilla Hotel and Resort Back Up For Sale

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Leandro Rizzuto, owner of CuisinArt Resort & Spa here on Anguilla, is selling Temenos Hotel and Resort for $24 million.

Temenos Golf Club
Temenos Golf Club

He had bought the complex and the golf course for $15 million in June.  If he does manage to sell the resort and real estate for $24 million, he effectively gets the golf course (which cost $50 million to make) for free and makes a profit of $9 million.

This Anguilla golf course is sensational and it is adjacent to the luxurious CuisinArt Hotel, a strong and free addition to the resort.

The remaining 32 acres and unfinished hotel and villas would need another $95 million to complete. It also comes with legal problems from villa purchasers who have put down millions in deposits (which have apparently been spent by the previous developer).

Details at the Wall Street Journal.