It All Happens Seemingly in a Blink of an Eye!

It seems only yesterday we were watching nests being built, eggs hatching and chicks taking their first steps. Today they are taking their first flights and learning how to survive on their own, all the while under the watchful eye of their protective parents.

Juvenile Caribbean Martin - Anguilla, BWI

Juvenile Black-necked Stilt - Anguilla, BWI

Juvenile Yellow Warbler - Anguilla, BWI

Join Nature Explorers Anguilla as we witness the excitement of first flights and much more on Anguilla’s Salt Ponds/Wetlands.

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Summertime Chicks

After enduring almost a month of sitting in the hot sun incubating their eggs, moms and dads are raising their tiny young on Anguilla’s wetlands.

anguilla summetime chicks

Join Nature Explorers Anguilla as we follow these adorable little chicks as they grow strong and take their first flights.

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Nature Explorers Anguilla: Not Just For The Birds!

Some days we are lucky to see newborns like this adorable goat kid. Born on the morning of December 6th, this little one captured the hearts of our guests.

kid goat taken by nature explorers anguilla

We hope you will join Nature Explorers Anguilla and Talk a Walk on the Wild Side this holiday season.

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Nature Explorers Anguilla Releases New Bird Guide!

The Wild Side Guide is the latest publication from Nature Explorers Anguilla. It is designed to be an easy to use reference to the most common bird species seen on Anguilla. The guide contains full color photographs of over 85 species, a brief description and space to record your field notes.

wild side guide
You can learn more about the Wild Side Guide, preview a sampling of the content and order your copy, at our publisher

Copies will also be available for sale during our tours. Just US$21.99!

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The Fall Migration Has Begun!

Join Nature Explorers Anguilla as we celebrate the return of our migrants from their breeding grounds in the north.

migrants nature explorers anguilla

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