Steel Pan Music at Roy’s Bayside Grill

I’m excited to announce that every Wednesday evening Roy’s Bayside Grill is now featuring the talented Joe Carty on steel pan.

From 6-9pm, Joe plays classical Caribbean music just steps from the sand. You don’t come by steel pan often in Anguilla, and the location can’t be beat at Roy’s Bayside Grill on Sandy Ground!

To make a reservation, call: 264-497-2470




It is Breeding Season in Anguilla’s Wetlands!

With water levels still high, a number of waterfowl are finding excellent breeding habitat on our wetlands.  Resident White-cheeked Pintail Ducks and Common Moorhens are rearing a number of chicks.  Meanwhile wintering birds like coots and Ruddy ducks, are also raising their young.

It is a great time of year to visit our wetlands with your family.  Who doesn’t love an adorable baby bird?

Take a walk on the wild side with Nature Explorers Anguilla and see our incredible wildlife!
Email: or call: 1.264.584.0346 to schedule a tour today.

The Hungry Caterpillar


There are a lot of interesting bugs and caterpillars on the island at this time of year.  One example is this stunning Tetrio Sphinx.  You will most often find it feeding on the tender green leaves of the local Frangipani bushes.  In its adult form, itis a large drab grey moth that is found in the American tropics and subtropics.


nature explorers anguilla's photo of a hungry caterpillar

We hope you will join Nature Explorers Anguilla to see the island’s exciting wildlife.  Please call: 1.264.584.0346 or email: to book your tour today!


Limin’ Boutique’s Light & Peace Creations

We are excited to announce that the majestic Sail from the beautiful “Light & Peace” sailboat that once glided over Anguilla’s tranquil seas…

anguillian sailboat light and peace

… has been handcrafted into beautiful Beach Totes, iPad Covers, Wine Bags, Shave Kits, Wristlets & more.

limin boutique light and peace souvenirs

The sail’s previous life on the water is apparent through natural markings on each piece.

The Wine Bags along with the “Beaches of Anguilla” sands Wine Stoppers make a lovely & memorable gift!